Grow Your Google AdWords’ Retargeting List Fast

Have you ever been to a website or conducted a Google search and seen an ad from a website you recently visited? That’s retargeting and it’s a great way to inexpensively re-enforce your marketing message.

In order to run your own retargeting ads, Google provides a script or pixel to install on your website. This allows you to advertise, aka retarget, people who have visited your website at a later date.

How We Do Retargeting

So how do business owners utilize social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter when they share third party content to boost their retargeting numbers? Let us explain by sharing how we do it.

Brand Ready Marketing shares targeted online content to your ideal buyers and when they engage with it, we in turn create an event audience that triggers your retargeting pixel. You then take your new audience and advertise to them at a later date and at a fraction of your typical CPC.

The challenge, up until now, has been the disconnect between sharing third party content on your social media channels and adding people who engage with it to your retargeting list. Brand Ready Marketing solves this issue by doing the heavy lifting of engaging with your potential buyers across a number of channels and facilitating the successful addition of new people for you to retarget to.

Yes, we can grow your Google remarketing list without people ever visiting your website!

How Brand Ready’s Retargeting Links Work

The Brand Ready Marketing process involves using other people’s content to grow your retargeting list.

We first grab 100 RSS feeds that match your target keywords. We then push curated content through our content engine; which, in turn, adds our special retargeting link. We then auto-share our new content across hundreds of social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. When a prospect engages with a social media post, they are sent to a page that contains your retargeting pixel. At this point prospects are tracked and they then seamlessly continue on to the article they intended to view. At this point, you use your growing retargeting list to run Google AdWords campaigns to drive prospects back to your site. It’s that easy!

The Link Retargeting Process

Step 1: You provide us with your (i) Google Analytics ID (UA number), (ii) three main keywords to target, (iii) website to target.

Step 2: We create custom landing page and have our system build a content library based on your keywords. We then schedule and post information about your product/service across our proprietary social network with a dynamically added a special link to each article shared.

Step 3: When the link is clicked the visitor is briefly redirected to an intermediate page, branded for your company, that has your remarketing pixel before sending the user on to the page or content that was originally clicked on. All completely transparent to the end user.

Why Choose Brand Ready’s Retargeting Service?

The short answer is we save you time and money. The longer answer is by building your retargeting list through us you’ll cut your Google pay-per-click Display Ads’ campaign cost by at least 30% as our system creates on average 300 to 500 new users to your list within the first four weeks.

Consider that if you spend, on average, $1.00 per click on your Google AdWords’ campaign for your desired keyword you would spend $500 after approximately sixty days to create a list of 500 people. Now lets look at getting the same number of clicks with a Brand Ready generated retargeting list. When retargeting website visitors, you could be spending half as much ($.50 per click) or less which in our scenario would yield you twice as many new users (1,000) for the same cost. Furthermore, your ads show up consistently over long periods of time as your growing potential customer base browses online – branding your company while only paying for the clicks.